“I have counted on Rowland Studios to do our families photos since our wedding in 2001. They always provide beautiful photos.


My girls love taking their Christmas photos at Rowland Studio. My mom loves the photograph books they make every year from our sitting. This year she cried when she saw how beautiful the pictures were.”


-Shannon Woodman



Doug Jordan


Rowland Studios has been an integral part of upgrading our website and marketing materials. We challenged Bruce to convey a new, update image for our company. Combined with his fresh approach and creativity he exceeded all our expectations. In order to meet time guidelines, Bruce was able to work at all hours during the business day in order for us not to disrupt service to our customers. In addition, he was able to get the photos back to us the next day allowing us to get our new site up quickly. Bruce brought a wonderful, positive energy to the project that was contagious with all of our employees that were photographed. Bruce was the consummate professional when interacting with our staff. He had a lighthearted, relaxed demeanor that enabled him to get the best photos possible of everyone involved.

Ralph A. Bruksos and Associates

Ralph Bruksos


From time to time, I have needed a photo; I would call it a portrait, but really a business picture for my work and for brochures and promotion. You have the uncanny ability to create the most professional; as we call them “headshot” of anybody I have ever met, ever. Your work is so professional, and so true, according to people who have shared their view with me, that they are amazed that you captured the person we needed for the particular event or promotion piece. It is a rare treat to work with a true professional such as yourself. I am grateful for the privilege of working with you and be the beneficiary of your outstanding work.

Eastside Catholic High School

Karen Skoog

Eastside Catholic High School

At Eastside Catholic we have worked with Rowland’s Studio for years. Each time we have a dance they come out and help the students design backdrops and tickets. At the dance they are happy to accommodate large groups and they treat the kids professionally. Their turn-around time is less than a week and the quality is excellent. They have been an incredible partner for us over the years.

Personnel Management Systems, Inc.

Jack Goldberg

Former President

We have used Rowland Studios for years. They have taken pictures of our children, our dogs and every Manager in our company! Shoot, Bruce has even been out to take pictures of our clients for our company web site. Bruce not only knows how to get just the right shot but he knows how to make it fun and even entertaining. He even has a few good jokes to tell!

Redmond, WA

Mark Sparks
Bruce Johnson is not only a wonderful photographer, with a keen eye and a perfect sense of timing; he is an amazing ‘family wrangler’. I am probably not the only person who had some concern about bringing their tribe together for a photo shoot. Let’s face it; families have their own dynamics and sometimes having someone negotiate those dynamics can be tricky. Bruce is a seasoned pro. He ‘got’ us from the beginning. He made the experience effortless. He worked with the personalities and brought out the best of us individually and as a family. Most importantly, everyone was delighted with the results. Frankly, watching my mother look at the framed portraits for the first time was priceless. I cannot thank him enough for what he gave us.